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Once upon a time in a cold northern land there was a busy lady raising 11 children. She taught them how to love the Lord and they grew up to be good Christian people. They all moved away except for the oldest and youngest daughter. The youngest daughter had 5 boys of her own and her mother became beloved "Gami" to those boys. You'd think Gami would have had her fill of kids after raising 11 of them but you'd be wrong. Gami was my wonderful loving Grandma.

Since she lived by the school, we often stayed overnight so we could attend early morning practice for one sport or another. Gami always had a hot bowl of oatmeal with chocolate chips sprinkled on top waiting for us by the time we crawled out of the warm featherbed. Gami was always there for us. She played dominos with us, helped us with our homework, taught us to pray the rosary, and laughed when the squirrel we let loose in her house tore up and down the curtains!

Now there is a new Gami in town. My mother is now the cherished Gami to 8 new grandchildren. She reads to them, watches over them down by the river, helps them with homework, drives them to basketball and baseball and cross country and gymnastics and piano practices and goes on trips with them, and there is always a fun new project at Gami's house. Oh how they love their Gami. And so the tradition continues...

I hope you enjoy the bits of insight and wisdom collected in these pages, inspired by my Gamis. Gami's Gallery is a present in honor of Gami's 70th birthday.

Note from Gami II
My intended purpose for this composition of thoughts, jotted notes from speakers of seminars and retreats and quotes that have touched me on my journey for a closer walk with God, it slowly came to me that I must share these treasure with my five sons as my last contribution of motherhood, well-being and spiritual growth.

It is my hope that these treasures will inspire you as they did me to draw from them a deeper understanding and personal contact with your Creator-God.

Notice these quotes range from profound to humorous, the latter which seems to surface from my Dads side of the family. Our purpose finally dawns on us as we recall why we are put on this know Him, love Him and serve Him so as to be happy with Him in the next world. - Gami


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